Hotel Guelfa Firenze

  • Via Guelfa, 28 · 50129 Firenze (FI)

Florence Hotel Guelfa · History

Guelfa Street is a long street in the center of Florence between Piazzale del Crocifisso, Via degli Alfani and Via Cavour.
The name is very old, dating back to the victory of the Guelfi Fiorentini in the Battle of Campoldino 11 June 1289.
The great monastery of St. Ursula existed since 1309, where high is the probability of meeting the Mona Lisa, the first model of the famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. The former convent was later transformed into a tobacco factory.

At number 3 is located the palace where he died the architect Giuseppe Poggi. Many tabernacles and plates are located along the Guelfa Street.
Also important is the connection from the Fortezza da Basso and Via Cavour and Via degli Alfani. Is a transit point not only for tourists from around the world, but also for the characters of fashion and entrepreneurs participating in fashion fairs and congresses.

In early 1920, the Hotel Guelfa was named "Locanda Guelfa", was opened by a woman who has fought against the fascist regime to keep open the structure that ran alone. In the following years the Hotel Guelph was handled only by female staff. The current owner is Ms. Letizia Barlozzi who with his sons Enrico and Massimo continues to manage the hotel with passion for this wonderful work.

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